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6 Phases Of Basketball

6 Phases Of Basketball Transition OffenseStructureNumbers4 – 1 3 – 2 Entries to offensePost Ball Screen Push Pass Half Court Offense (Set)Fundamentals – Ball/Body MovementBall Reversal Paint Touch Block Cuts BaseMan Zone Match-Up Trap Shot Selection Player Roles Transition DefenseBall/Basket Floor Balance Half Court Defense (Set)FundamentalsBall Side Weak Side Low Post Ball Screen BaseMan Zone Match-Up Trap Ball Possession – Ball Control / ReboundingReboundingOffense Defense Situational Fundamentals – Hit, Sit,

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The Basketball Guru Welcomes You!

Thanks for checking out “The Basketball Guru!” I’m glad you decided to drop by and see what we have going on here! The goal for this website is simple: Enlighten The Basketball World! Players, fans, coaches, parents, or whoever has any interest in basketball at any level, anywhere in the world, are always welcome. We hope to be a resource for anything you need in the world of basketball and

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